180G. Dr Bollock on the Analyfis of Animal Fluids. 45
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as rapidly as available, without delay by the impo-
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minations, particularly for brood mares giving suck Ho^
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cases with marked success. Under its influence the ulcerations
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although a vote of the majority will probably decide the matter.
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the other, an error of certain men in the profession, viz.
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utes, there being complete unconsciousness in the in-
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of children, although its effects last on into adult life.
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palled to rely entirely upon the simple prism test. This Tenon as possible ; then with a very small hook beneath,
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tended, they are quickly flexed again on the receipt of fresh stimuli on
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with ecchymoses, caused by parenchymatous and interstitial haemorrhages.
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those who know Dr. Sharpcy's qualities I need only say
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contained a fluid resembling chocolate and milk. The walls were coated
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of it. Let them get you in bed, drug you or cut you,
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[Abstr.]: Ibid., 724.— Krai'nski (N. V.) K patologii
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kmg course. Ezc^tionally other forms of gastric tumor occur — lipomala,
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stance indicating considerable contraction of their calibres.
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development of the cseoum seems to bear some proportion to
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apparatus. Schiavuzzi used Koch's appliances and other movable as-
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that the successful method of treatment in an infected
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of previous births, which, in so far as they are acquired in the sense that
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occur early in the puerperium may delay medial bleeding
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and when I last saw the patient, September 29th, the
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gical structure and soil, or at any rate there is no strong contrast, but
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does not occur, but the contraction of the tensor fasciae can still be made
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things being equal, the success of excision of malignant
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Haut," Deutseh. med. Wochensehr. 1886. — 23. Troisier and Menetrier. "Histo-
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has been from right to left, /.<?., from without inward,
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vomitus and faecal discharges may be luminous, and have
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