A. 100 cc. 1 per cent, glycogen + 1 cc. enzyme + 1 cc. toluene.

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atropia is not due to the dilatation of the pupil, but to the paralysis of the

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shows no signs of ceasing, and the patient's condition is becom-

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sociation, is to be proposed for adoption by the Legislature.

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so many cases in which no general tuberculosis followed repeated

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sense ; thus an exhaustive bodily examination of every organ and

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horse moves unsteadily and often falls suddenly dead.

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romycin generally is effective as the initial empiric

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sun, which controls the entire process. All of these factors may be

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of thought ' ; often perhaps with the consciousness pressing us

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2. Whether in the form administered, it is soluble. Should this be

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scure; such, for example, as the delay after intravenous injection

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fee of $5.00. It" you will give me a written guarantee of equally good terms

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German Surgical Congress. Beitrdge zur Klin. Chir. Bd. V,

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exist without scrofulous inflammation, and the latter may exist without

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of the sexual instincts from which a certain proportion of individuals in all

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single trace of the insidious disease; they often have even a very florid

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charges which have been current in the newspapers, in

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There is not very much said with regard to the art of

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6. Tetanus of 19 Days' Duration Successfully Treated with

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EIGHTH THE USUAL AMOUNT OF ANESTHETIC; moreover there will be no Ether or

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Mattson's American Vegetable Practice, or Family Guide.

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collapse. The patient reacted well and the hemorrhage ceased

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distinguished froui the others by its form and its situation.

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watery dischaige from the sinus, which opens and closes from time

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is a splendid work and a noble thesaurus comprehending

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take away every clinical thermometer from the patients

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4. After this period poultry, game, and meat may be gradually allowed,

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perceive, and weighed forty-five pounds, making sixty pounds in all before the

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bloodless separation from the liver. I have observed in a num-

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into the soil where, under proper conditions of organic filth, tempera-

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is much more general, and is much more florid; and "the red-

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known pathological condition whatever, some most serious morbid

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perhaps, due to a want of sufficient detail in the description of the

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