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" that the sensibility of the nervous system is mostly some-

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an account of four operations for the separation of this

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asylum of St. Ton, at Rouen, there are 17 nuns and a supe-

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2. The augmented resistance to the flow of blood during severe

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bly rational in favor of the practice. The diphtheritic mem-

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House of Correction at Singapore for vagrancy and police

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The insensible emanations fh>m the body belong among the morbific mat-

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treatment by the carbolic ac id method. Brit. M. J., Lond.,

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four or five eggs, will prove advantageous. It must be remem-

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tion of the temporal bone which had resulted in hemorrhage

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sirable |)os^ssion for any practitioner of medicine.

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along the various conducting paths which go toward the read-

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occurrence of convulsions shortly before death. The case is

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accompany rupture of hydatid cysts into the peritoneal cavity. The following

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to stand by for some time. Eggs exposed to these conditions

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school called the "Wuchang Medical Special College." At Canton

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frightful rapidity. The more it develops the more (

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unanimously resolve to demand of all the medical colleges of the United States

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night. On the third day I saw him in the afternoon. The tis-

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able for the healing process, and keeping up a steady

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positive reaction, and fortunately it is upon this point

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