requires passive motion and rubbing. Gentle but thorough friction to

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among the diseases in which it excites latent or intensifies

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since. There is a history of a chill, followed by a rise of tempera-

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removed, packed in ice and taken immediately to the laboratory. This

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smoke from a coal fire, and was in the habit of having the

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exactly at the cross line. This exercise is very important, since,

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sensibility, that the diagnosis of poliomyelitis seemed

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pack around these forceps with gauze, or with the drainage-tube we

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the spleen is relatively poor in parasites and pigment (Thin). Capil-

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prevents shock. The point I desire to make is simply this, that the cocaini-

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Fuchsin, which has lately been recommended in the treatment of Bright's dis-

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apparent in the death-rate of the groups of counties into

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anasarca firequent. The lips are blue, the breathing is laboured,

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clergymen of their own denominations. These included several Greek Orthodox

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I admit, absolutely certain, that Kelley's child died be/ore the

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' liver-complaint' with some definite ideas of their path-

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cum taken was reduced one-third, the efi'ect upon the urine was less

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fairly as a club w-ith which to beat down future legislation for the

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ceding century. It was an age of great progress throughout, but

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Piax., Wiirzb., 1899, xii, 229. — TippeK Ueber Forma-

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sions which take place there by the published in the superficial layers or in the epithelium of

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If agar slants are to be prepared, care must be taken not to fill the

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not less than 0.45 mg. Pyridoxine (B 6 )* and 1.7 mg.

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reformers, to have the licensing; power placed in the hands

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explained. A valuable list of books for reference and

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spoke on Virus Diseases of the Eye” at the January

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If this thought be carried into the various orders of the classes

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Such in brief is medicine as it is practiced by the Chinese doctor of

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Olmsted County. He was assisted by Drs. J. E. Bowers, as anesthetist, and

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lished by the same house, and will describe all phases and treatment

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aboriginal tribes of Africa and Australia make a fistula

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Synonym. — Resina empyreumatica liquida — goudron,

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and also of hemiplegia,* the former disease has sometimes been

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cal Corps of the United States Namy for the week endirpj AugvM